How to Reheat Bread

How to Reheat Bread: Best Temperatures and Techniques

Yesterday, you made the most delicious bread in the world. It was flavorful, chewy, and moist. There’s nothing better than fresh bread. Then, the next day, you woke up to a loaf of rock-hard bread that was anything but appetizing. You thought about throwing it out, but you’re totally against food waste. Besides, you worked […]

Best Banana Bread on Maui

Best Banana Bread on Maui: Must-Try Spots While in Hawaii

Everyone knows that banana is one of the classic island flavors, and there’s nowhere better to get moist banana bread than on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Their Hawaiian banana bread recipe lives in legend among bakers and tourists alike. And everyone has an opinion on who does it best. What makes Maui’s version the […]

How Long Does Banana Bread Last

How Long Does Banana Bread Last: Ultimate Storage Tips

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh banana bread baking in the oven. Banana bread that’s been on the counter for a few weeks is another story. Usually, homemade banana bread is one of those things that’s gone much quicker than you’d actually like. But, if a loaf does sit around for longer than normal, […]

Pineapple on a beach

Sourdough Starter with Pineapple Juice

If you’ve been reading about sourdough starter and all of the ways to manage it and care for it, you may have come across some interesting tips and tricks and thought, “Ummm what?” For instance, why on Earth would you make sourdough starter with pineapple juice?      Well, there’s actually some interesting science behind it, […]

Bread loaf with poppyseeds

Sourdough Bread Flavor Combinations

One of the things that I love most about learning a basic sourdough bread recipe is that once you’re comfortable making a loaf of bread with it, you have a blank slate to be creative. Just get a little confident with your process, and then go nuts exploring the possibilities of sourdough bread flavor combinations. […]